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Google Introduces Voice Typing, Faster Insights for Forms, and More Updates!

Here are some February 2016 Google Apps updates that might be interest to you.

Type, Edit, and Format Documents Using Your Voice in Google Docs

Google launched a new feature called “Voice Typing” that helps users construct ideas, jot down notes, or even compose reports – all without touching your keyboard!

To begin, select “Voice typing” in the “Tools” menu when using Google Docs in Chrome. Say anything from your mind and then start editing and formatting with commands like “copy,” “insert table,” and “highlight.” View full list of commands here.

As an added bonus, they are also making it possible for voice typing to dictate in dozens of additional accents and dialects! Users shouldn’t exert an effort to download and use complex applications to accomplish everyday tasks with Voice Typing.


Get Faster Insights From Your Google Forms

Back in September, Google revealed a sleek new experience for Forms like adding logos to your forms. Recently, they continue to build on what they have started with new features to ensure even better experience to users.

A variety of templates can be also be chosen when you start a new form. Then, the new “Individual Responses” tab provides an in-depth view of your responses, including browsing through all the answers given by a single respondent.

They have also added an option for users to receive email notifications each time a form is filled out, making it easy for people to keep track of their forms.


Organizing Files in Google Drive? A Piece of Cake!

Storing tons of files in Google Drive is a great way to keep them secured, but as you save more files there, maintaining their organization can be tough. Here are some of the recent improvements done by Google that will help you put things easier to where they belong:

When browsing files in Google Drive, the toolbar now shows a “Move” icon for files already in Drive and “Add to My Drive” for everything else.

When previewing files, a new icon lets you add the file to any folder in “My Drive” quickly and easily.

From search results, you can now drag and drop files into folders.


Gmail Android App to Support Rich Text Formatting and Instant RSVPs

New features will be implemented in an update for the Gmail Androip App. These features include:

Rich Text Formatting: Users now can bold, italicize, underline, and more!

Instant RSVPs: If a user has Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange, calendar invitations now include a one-tap option to show your schedule and respond.

As to when the update will be implemented, there is no tentative date yet. All Android users will be affected with this update and the release will rollout gradually for 3 or more days.


Latest versions of the Google Sheets and Slides Apps for Android are now Available!

Google Play now contains the latest versions of the Sheets and Slides apps for Android, with features to work from your mobile devices even better.

Images will now render the Google Sheets Android app. Take note that images in frozen rows and columns may not be shown properly.

As long as you’re online, you can now easily change the theme of your presentation in the Google Slides Android App with 18 themes to choose from.


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