How to Set Auto-Expiration Date in Google Drive, Search for Publicly Shared Google Docs and more

Great resource links, tips, news, and updates shared by our Google+ community members from February 16 to February 22, 2015.
How to Set Auto-Expiration Date for Shared Folders & Files in Google Drivelabnol.org

When you share any folder or file in Google Drive with someone, the shared links will work forever until you manually change the sharing permissions. What if you want to share a folder in your Google Drive for exactly 24 hours and automatically make the folder private after that period? Google Drive does not offer an option but you can easily can add an auto-expiry date to any of your shared files and folders with the help of a simple Google Script. The script works for both Gmail and Google Apps accounts. Thanks to +Dan Leighton

Lesson plans & science experiments galore. Search for all that & more with publicly shared Docs. Just type site:docs.google.com “Example Topic” into Google Search.

g(Math) is updated to include graphing inequalites plus.google.com

You can now insert the graphs of inequalities into your Doc with g(Math)! Just enter the inequalities, separating each one with a comma, and click Preview to see your graph. h/t +John McGowan

Download your YouTube videos in their original resolution cnet.com
Want to move your YouTube videos to another service but don’t have backups? Skip downloading the low-resolution ones from your account and use this method instead. Thanks to +JR Ginex-Orinion

Official Google Calendar Chrome Extension Makes Date With Material Designomgchrome.com

If you haven’t checked in on the official Google Calendar extension for Chrome for a while you’re in for a treat. Earlier this month Google updated the toolbar add-on with lashings of its Material Design language, giving it some synergy with Android 5.0. h/t +Francisco Massanet-Nicolau

15 Best Sites for Open Source Imagesglobaldigitalcitizen.org

Here are a few resources on guidelines, and then our list of the top sites for open source images that are safe to get pics from. You might find that one site will be your go-to site for open source images, but there are indeed choices out there, and you might even contribute some of your own images to share. h/t +Nathan Kellogg

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