The Return of Clipped Cells in Google Spreadsheet, 9 Reasons to Elect Google Apps in your Classroom and More

Great resource links, tips, news, and updates shared by our Google+ community members from February 9 to February 15, 2015.

The return of clipped cells in Google Spreadsheetplus.google.com

Google Sheets just got a subtle upgrade, making it possible to clip cell overflow (rather than wrap it). This was possible in the old Google Sheets, but not the new. h/t +Andrew Stillman

9 Reasons to Elect Google Apps to your Classroompages.backupify.com

Want to join the millions of students and educators worldwide using Google Apps for Education? We don’t blame you. The benefits of Google in classrooms are endless! In this free eBook, we’ve highlighted the top 9 for you to sway the naysayers. Thanks to +Katie Thornton

The New Google Apps for your Smartphone plus.google.com

The Google Docs app for Android and iPhone got a fresh makeover.

New Andriod Apps that are available in Chrome OS plus.google.com

Six new Android apps are available on Chrome OS today, including SlideShare for sharing presentations, Tapatalk for keeping tabs on your favorite forums, and Yo for, well, saying Yo.

A quick checkup and a simple thanksgoogledrive.blogspot.com
During Safer Internet Day, Google encouraged Gmail users to take a 2 minute Security Check up. While everything stored in Drive is always encrypted in transit and at rest in Google’s custom-built data centers, this checkup ensures you’re making the most of the 24/7 protection you already get from Google.

New PDF Icon for Gmail and Google Drive plus.google.com

Gmail has recently updated the icon for PDF attachments: it no longer uses the Adobe Reader icon and it opted for a basic text icon. h/t +David Andrade

Tips for being a Gmail ninjasupport.google.com

Keyboard shortcuts help you save time by allowing you to never take your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse.

g(Math) updated with better image qualitymathtechtips.blogspot.com

The top feature request/complaint about g(Math) was the poor image quality upon scaling but now, you can easily indicate the size of the image you want which increases quality. h/t +John McGowan

App Kickstart Guides from Google Play for Educationsites.google.com

Kickstart Guides are designed to build your Android app-titude for specific apps in Google Play for Education, by getting you up and running in as little as 15 minutes with videos, best practices, and much more. +Bill Bass

Download Youtube in MP4 Formatyoutubeinmp4.com

Easily download Youtube videos to MP4 format. Thanks to +Allison Mollica for sharing this great tool.

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