Improvements to Hangouts in Gmail, Advanced Gmail Filters, Chrome Experiment, and More

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Below are top articles, resource links, and updates last week:

Some improvements to Hangouts in Gmail – plus.google.com

You can now see some changes in your conversation list in Hangouts, including message snippets and the return of green “availability” bubbles to make it easier to see which of your friends are currently active. With the new search icon, you can see a list of all your chat buddies and find other friends on Hangouts. And whether you’re happy, grumpy, or any of the other seven dwarfs (plus a few not in the storybook classic), you can set your mood using one of 80 emoji. Your friends will have no problem guessing how you’re feeling that day.

Offline Support for Google Docs and Google Sheets Mobile App – plus.google.com

No wifi? No problem. Now you can create and edit files offline with Google Docs (http://goo.gl/FEAeSi) and Sheets (http://goo.gl/YXGCIl).

So anyone in the US can now purchase Glass – plus.google.com

Google Glass is still in the Explorer Program while Google continue to improve its hardware and software, but starting May 14 anyone in the US can buy the Glass Explorer Edition, as long as their is stock on hand. http://www.google.com/glass/start/

Shared via +Michael Fricano II

Read&Write for Google is now Free for Teachers! blog.texthelp.com

Texthelp announced through social media channels that a surprise was coming soon in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week. The surprise? Read&Write for Google™, a Chrome extension that provides comprehensive reading and writing supports for Google Docs and the Web as well as PDFs, ePubs, and KES files stored in Google Drive, is now Free for Teachers!

Thanks +Lee Webster for sharing this wonderful news.

Advanced Gmail Filters That Aren’t Available in Gmail www.labnol.org

We often get spam messages that have a few dozen addresses in the TO and CC fields, but there’s no filter to automatically redirect such messages to the SPAM folder of Gmail. That’s where Google Scripts can help. You can setup advanced filters that aren’t available in the native version of Gmail.

Another great share from +Lee Webster

Speak and learn with Spell Up, our latest Chrome Experimentgoogleblog.blogspot.com

Spell Up is a new word game and Chrome Experiment that helps you improve your English using your voice—and a modern browser, of course. It’s like a virtual spelling bee, with a twist.

Thanks +Allison Mollica for this.

Protecting Google Apps customers and their businessesgoogleenterprise.blogspot.com

Millions of businesses trust Google to keep their data safe. In addition to new security measures Google now turned off ads in Google Apps services and removed all ad scanning in Gmail.

Shared by +David Saunders

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