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Google Cloud Camp

Google Apps are a treasure trove of opportunity. Google Mail, Drive, and Sites are just the tip of the iceberg – there are so many undiscovered uses and applications available for you using that single Google login.

Allison Mollica’s Treasure Trove series is a curriculum she has developed which offer a deeper look into the existing Google Apps for Education suite and other tools. This curriculum is often staged at our summits as a two-part or four-part series and has become one of our most popular summit sessions this year.

treasure-trove.pngOver the years of organizing Google in Education summits, we have seen schools who have gone Google still scrambling to provide basic ‘apps’ training. Some don’t even realize the potentials they can get in using Google Apps for Education. That is why we developed a more focused and intense form of workshop built upon Allison’s Treasure Trove series.

Google Cloud Camp is a stand-alone one or two day workshop set up to showcase what you can do with all the apps. It is not a basic level training but rather a way to ‘level’ up even if you are new to using Google Apps or a way to discover new techniques if you are already ‘cruising’.

If you are in the Barcelona metropolitan area, please join us for the Barcelona Google Cloud Camp featuring Allison Mollica on September 3, 2014 at the American School of Barcelona.

We hope to bring this fantastic new event to more schools around the world so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to host one for your school.

What Teachers Can Expect from Classroom

google-classroom.pngGoogle announced a new feature that promises to make managing classes using their Google Apps for Education suite much more efficient and got everyone in the Google Education world excited. We know many of you can’t wait to learn more and test out this new product, so we made good use of our time and dig deeper in the conversations happening on the web around the topic in order to give you more details. Read more

Announcing the ‘Google Apps Optimization Audit’ for International Schools

We are delighted to announce our ground breaking ‘Google Apps Optimization Audit for International Schools’. From working with many schools using Google Apps we noticed there was a need for schools to see where they are in their use of Google tools in a few areas – how people in the school are actually using their system, how their implementation compares to other international schools, and how to improve their Google Apps setup. AppEvents’ Google Apps Optimization Audit aims to address these three key points. Learn more

Summit Highlights
Germany Summit 2014, Frankfurt

“I left inspired to use Google docs and period 1 today I started and completed a Google docs collaborative activity with my DP Chemists.

I think this summit has changed my practice (it certainly has raised my horizons for what is possible). ”


Monterey Bay Summit 2014, California

“This was a very pleasant group of conference goers. I’ve been at other events with some of these same people (and I don’t just mean my site colleagues) and been subject to venting about the trials of education.

I found people this weekend to be solution oriented and willing to give things a try, even knowing that the road might not be smooth. I’m not sure how the organizers changed the atmosphere, but it was great!”

Speaker Spotlight: Allison Mollica

One of the things why we love what we do here at AppsEvents is that we get to meet and interact with a lot of amazing educators from all around the world who are not only passionate about their role as a teacher but also in helping other educators like them become better at what they do. Meet Allison Mollica, our featured speaker for this month.

Allison is core member of the AppsEvents team, a Google Certified Trainer, Certified Administrator, and a virtual instructor at a cutting edge school that gives students so much choice and flexibility. She is passionate about engaging learners and making it fun and loves to help those who want to become Google Educators & Trainers by helping them learn what they need to know, understand the process and determine the path that is best suited for their professional goals.

She has a Master’s in Technology in Education and Advanced Certificate in Online Instruction through Lesley University, Boston and has more than a decade of experience in educational technology.She has two brilliant teenage boys who are alternative learners – getting an education in a different way – one as a full-time Virtual Learning Academy (vlacs.org) student and the other through NARHS (narhs.org), a school that allow for a variety of credit options that are aggregated into a single transcript. Both schools are cutting edge and student centered. Allison is well known for her Treasure Trove series, ‘hidden gems’ in Google Apps for Education that often go overlooked. Attend one of Allison’s sessions and discover or ‘rediscover’ many tools that Google has to offer with resources that will enable you to keep exploring. Catch Allison’s famous ‘Treasure Trove’ series during the Connecticut summitto learn unique tricks and tips for core apps such as mail, calendar, drive… and discover more treasures you never knew existed! You can also connect with her onGoogle+ and Twitter

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