Community Round Up: Guide to Google Drive Sharing, App Folders on Chromebook, ISTE2014, and more

The Guide to Google Drive

Google Drive is loaded with great features, but the ability to share and collaborate is truly what sets Google Drive apart from the pack. For experienced users, sharing is second nature; but for new users, it can be difficult to wrap your head around. To help new users understand sharing +Kasey Bell  created a visual guide that covers the basics of sharing in Google Drive.

App Folders on
New feature: You can now create folders for your Apps on your Chromebook! 

Shared via +Brandie Cain-Heard. Video by John R. Sowash

Kiker Learning Instructional Technology and

Here’s a great Google Sites example from +Rich Kiker (spotted by +Dan Taylor). Icons for different Google Apps are arranged in a grid format making it easier to find which link you are looking for.

Mailbox Management

Non-Gmail mailbox users have now more control over what is delivered to and blocked from their inboxes with the launch of Message Center, a web-based console where users can quickly and easily identify the messages that shouldn’t be labeled as spam (false positives) and that should be labeled as spam (false negatives), so the system learns how to manage spam more effectively.

Shared via +Kim Nilsson.

Work with any file, on any device, any time with new Docs, Sheets, and

Docs, Sheets, and Slides are getting big updates on both mobile and desktop that make it easier than ever to work on any document, on any device, any time. We’re excited to announce:

-The arrival of the Slides mobile app
-The ability to edit and share Office files without having to convert them
-A new way to collaborate with Suggested Edits in Docs

Get the full story at:

New editing feature in

a new editing feature in Docs was introduced during the Google I/O keynote. In “Suggesting” mode, edits becomes suggestions that you can choose to approve or not.

Note that you won’t be able to see this setting if commenting on Docs is disabled since this new feature utilizes the existing Google Drive commenting syste. Below is a video to see it in action.
Screenshot found by +Chris Harte via +Tom Barret. Video shared by +Roscelia Lavenant.
Google Hangouts Tip Sheet
A great collection of Google Hangout tips and tricks. Thanks to +Allison Mollica+Jennifer Magiera, +genevieve gallagher, and the rest of the contributors for putting this together.
Scoodle Jam iPad
Math teachers ~ did you know there is a Whiteboarding App in Hangouts. After school and Virtual Help is a breeze! +Allison Mollica 
Didn’t get a chance to attend ISTE2014? Don’t worry, Allison Mollica got us covered.
Disclaimer:  These posts from ISTE2014 are done on the fly and therefore are subject to mechanical errors etc. in an effort to get the information out in a timely manner!  
Philip Vinogradov hosts a session at the Google Booth about Gamification in Google Drive.
He starts students off with a GOAL to become the masters of their destiny.  Learners have to reach 80% to move on.  They progress through levels and they can COLLABORATE! Yes they can WORK TOGETHER.  In other words, ~ collaborating and sharing ideas is NOT cheating!  Hallelujah!
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