Shared tables with Google Play for Education, secret 3D mapping project, and more

Here are the top contributions from our Google+ community page last week.

Bringing personalized learning to shared tablets with Google Play for Education – googleenterprise.blogspot.com

While most schools eventually want to get to 1:1, it’s not always practical to start with a dedicated tablet for every student. Asking students to share a single account isn’t advisable either — too often the result is one-size-fits-all technology with more than a few management headaches.

That’s why Google is adding support for multiple accounts to tablets with Google Play for Education, making it possible for schools to provide personalized learning for up to five students on the same shared device.

Shared via +Dan Leighton

Custom formula in conditional formatting plus.google.com

Conditionally formatting rows, where a specific column meets a condition, in the new version of Google Sheets by using a custom formula.

Google Apps Script FAQ – www.steegle.com

Having a hard time getting around Google Apps Scripts? Your questions are answered here by +Steegle.com

Google’s secretive 3D-mapping project now has a tabletwww.engadget.com

Comprehending the world around us is something we humans take for granted, but it’s not so easy for our technology. Sure, autonomous robots and military-grade research labs have hardware that can approximate the same visual acuity of human eyes, but Google’s Advanced Technologies and Projects (ATAP) division started Project Tango to bring that sort of tech to the masses. Its mission is to make mobile devices capable of using depth sensors and high-spec cameras to craft three-dimensional maps more cheaply and easily than other current efforts. ATAP announced its first piece of hardware in February, a prototype smartphone equipped with Kinect-like 3D sensors and other components, but the team is now expanding the project to a new form factor: a seven-inch tablet that’s packed with a lot more power.

Awesome share via +Al Elliott

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