Grading Questions By Hand, New Add-On to Keep Google Sheet Tabs Organized, and More

Great resource links, tips, news, and updates shared by our Google+ community members from July 27 – Aug 2, 2015.

Grading Questions By Handwww.flubaroo.com
A Flubaroo update! The popular Add-on for grading just got an update in time for fall. A newly added feature lets you assign questions your own score with the “Grade by Hand” feature.
tabMover Google Sheets add-on – plus.google.com
If you’ve got a spreadsheet with many tabs, it can be hard to reorganize things to keep it functional. That’s where this new add-on comes in: tabMover will help you keep things neat’n’tidy in your Google Sheets.
+Samantha Vardanega originally shared: I was very pleased to see this feature released last week. User name changes was one of the key risks we had to overcome when releasing Google+ at Monash. I know other uni’s have found this a hurdle too. One less barrier is always a good thing!
Google acquires Launchpad Toys – plus.google.com
And makes apps such as Toontastic free. Visit http://launchpadtoys.com
Timeline feature in Maps – plus.google.com
+Donnie Piercey originally shared: This Timeline feature in Maps is quite cool. Awesome way to document your year!
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