Find Famous Quotes in the Google Docs Research Tool, Share to Classroom Chrome extension, and More

Great resource links, tips, news, and updates shared by our Google+ community members from August 24 – September 6, 2015.

Find Famous Quotes in the Google Docs Research Tool – www.techsmartedu.com.au

The Research tool in Google Docs and Slides is a popular way for students to find, insert and cite information from the web into their work. But did you know that it can also be used to find famous quotes?

h/t +Samantha Vardanega

Send students to the same website with Share to Classroom Chrome extensiongoogleappsupdates.blogspot

Google launched a new Chrome extension for Classroom called Share to Classroom. This extension makes it easy for teachers to send all of their students to the same website during class. Once the extension is installed, a teacher can simply open a website and “push” it to his or her students, triggering that website to open on the students’ devices as well. (It also works the other way—students can “push” websites to their teachers.)

h/t +Allison Mollica

Head back to school with new features in Google Classroomgoogleappsupdates.blogspot.com

As teachers gear up for the new school year, Google is adding a number of new features in Google Classroom to help them save time, engage with students, and keep everyone organized.

h/t +James Sayer

Save time planning business travel and more with events from Gmail on Google Calendar – googleappsupdates.blogspot.com

When an individual receives an email in Gmail with flight, hotel, restaurant, or ticketed event information, that event will be automatically added to their Google Calendar, complete with things like flight numbers and check-in times. Calendar will even update those events if plans change and a new email is received (for instance, when a flight is delayed or a reservation pushed back).

h/t +James Sayer

Deprecating web hosting support in Google Drivegoogleappsupdates.blogspot.com

Beginning August 31, 2015, web hosting in Google Drive for users and developers will be deprecated. Google Apps customers can continue to use this feature for a period of one year until August 31, 2016, when serving content via googledrive.com/host/doc id will be discontinued.

h/t +James Sayer

New Explore Panel in Sheetsplus.google.com

The new Explore panel in Sheets creates charts and insights automatically, so you can get help understanding your data in seconds.  It’s like having an expert analyst by your side! Try it on +Android  (goo.gl/4WnPF9) or on the web (goo.gl/O5Leh0)

Drive for iOS Updates plus.google.com

The latest update to Drive for iOS is now available in the App Store. This new version allows you to select multiple files to make them available offline, star them so they are easier to find later, or organize them into folders. Plus, a single tap lets you quickly share, rename, or view file details.

Google Apps Marketplace gets a fresh new lookgoogleappsdeveloper.blogspot.com

Google launched a brand new Google Apps Marketplace site aimed to improving discoverability and getting your app installed by even more customers.

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