Helping Kids Be Smart Online, Google Form Results in Form View, and More

It looks like everyone had a blast during the first ever Hong Kong Google in Education Summit held at Kowloon Junior School. We would like to thank all the awesome speakers, attendees, volunteers, and partners (GSA21st Century Learning, and English Schools Foundation) for making the summit possible. We hope to see you all again next year!
Meanwhile, here are some great articles and resources shared on our Google+ community:
Helping kids be smart onlinegoogle-au.blogspot.com
Great tips on helping kids navigate the web smartly and safely from Google Safety Centre. Shared via +Suan Yeo 
Demo from +Mike. Yung on how to send notification email to a user after submitting his/her responses in Google Form format. Great trick to for reviewing information submitted in Google Form especially for student online quizzes.

Relationship between Chromebook & 21st Century Schools [SLIDES]plus.google.com

The presentation material for the Hong Kong Google in Education Summit. Includes the web apps that has been recommended and collected by GET from US. Another great resource from +Mike. Yung

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