The Value of Blogging in the Classroom, Introducing Google for Work, and more

Why Blogging is So Valuable in the Elementary Classroomalearninglifeforme.edublogs.org

Though there are some challenges with classroom blogging, there are many more benefits to enhance student learning and success. Shared via +Claire Wachowiak

Your Forms, you waygoogledrive.blogspot.com

One of your top requests has been the ability to add your own personal touch to forms, and starting today you can with custom themes. To add a custom theme, just create a new form and click the “Change theme” button in the toolbar. h/t +Aaron Gumz

Introducing Google for Work (the artist formerly known as Enterprise)googleblog.blogspot.com

As of September 2, 2014, what was called Google Enterprise is now, simply, Google for Work. Shared via +Alex Stamp

Now it is super easy to import videos from Google+ into YouTubeplus.google.com

Shared via +Blair Cook. Screenshot from +Patrick Green 
Save As Doc is a free Google Spreadsheets Add-on that enables you to select a series of adjacent cells and turn them into an easy to read Google Document. h/t +Samantha Vardanega 

Sharing just got a little easiergoogledrive.blogspot.com

New feature for Google Docs/Sheets/Slides: if you want to create a unique shareable link, you can now just click the “Get shareable link” button. h/t +Samantha Vardanega and +Cortney Steffens 

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