Verifying Teachers in Google Classroom, Google Docs Major Updates, and More

Verifying Teachers in Google Classroomplus.google.com

As the Google Apps admin for your school, you’ll need to decide how teachers are given permission to create and manage classes in Classroom. When users first sign in to Classroom, they are asked to identify themselves as a teacher or a student. Everyone who identifies as a teacher is added to a Google Group, pending your review. h/t +Luz Pingol

Verifying Teachers in Google Classroom

10 Tips to Know before becoming a Google Educatormykidslocker.com

Do you want to become a Google Certified Educator? Or do you know someone that does? Here are 10 tips to know before becoming a Google Certified Educator by +Victoria Woelders.

Google Docs Makes Major Updates That Could Potentially Replace Microsoft Office 365www.businessinsider.com

Google’s Slides app (Google’s answer to PowerPoint) is available as a separate app for devices running on the iOS platform. Until now, it was accessible only through the Google Drive on iOS. Google Drive is Google’s online file storage tool. Shared via +Lee Webster

Embed YouTube Playlist in Google Sitesyoutube.com

Shared by via +Allison Mollica

See who’s online more easily in Hangouts in Gmail plus.google.com

It is now easier to see which of your chat buddies are currently online, thanks to a new tab in Hangouts in Gmail. In this new tab, friends who are online are shown first, followed by those who aren’t. Of course, you can still send your offline friends a message and they’ll get it the next time they check Hangouts on their computer, phone or tablet. Plus, you can also now pin your favorite contacts (you know, your mom, your BFFL, or your crush) to the top of your contact list. h/t +Moritz Tolxdorff

Adding special characters in Docs, Slides, and Drawingssupport.google.com

There are now a couple of new ways to help you find just the right character or symbol to insert–you can now search by keyword, or even just draw what you’re looking for if you’re not sure what it’s called. h/t +Michael Fricano II

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