Google Trainer Online Application Portal, Google+ Polls, Improvements to Classroom, and more

This covers community posts from October 6 until October 17, 2014.

Google for Education Online Application Portal googleedu.onlineapplications.net

Great news! The trainer application portal is now live. Shared by +Allison Mollica

Pear Deck in the classroomsites.google.com

+Roscelia Lavenant shares multiple ways of using Pear Deck in the classroom for Active Learning.

AAS ES Tech – Students Teaching Teachers: Programminglearningbyteaching.weebly.com

Brilliant approach to teaching by learning by +Ralitsa Tareva. Great pictures and videos from the AAS and Google Summit. Impressive. Spotted by +Allison Mollica

Google+ Pollsgoogleappsupdates.blogspot.com

Google announced Google+ Polls, a new feature that allows people using Google+ to create interactive polls and share them with their friends and followers.

Improving Google Classroom for students around the worldgoogleforeducation.blogspot.com

Google is introducing new improvements to Google Classroom based on feedback from students, teachers, and administrators from around the world.

School Directory Sync quick start guidesupport.google.com

Google Apps School Directory Sync (SDS) is a utility that automatically synchronizes your users, Organizational Units (OUs), and groups in Google Apps to match data on your Student Information System (SIS). SDS does not require an Active Directory and runs locally on your computer or on a server in your network, it can be run using the command line or the Configuration Manager UI. Shared by +Allison Mollica

Screencast with Snagit & Instantly Publish to You Tubeyoutube.com

Quick Screencast on using Snagit and Publishing to YouTube for instant flipping by +Allison Mollica

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