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Summits versus Bootcamps versus Cloud Camp

We’ve been asked many times what is the main difference between the various training events that we host and with the addition of Cloud Camp to our list of offerings, let’s take a look at the difference between a Google in Education summit, certification bootcamp, and Google Cloud Camp.

A Google in Education Summit is a fantastic two-day event of educators teaching other educators that is focused on the core Google Apps for Education suite such as GMail, Calendar, Docs, and Drive but may also cover other Google products such as Chromebooks, Google play and Android, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Earth, and Advanced Google Search among others. 12 reasons you should attend a Google in Education Summit this 2014.

Summits versus Bootcamps versus Cloud Camp

The Google Apps EDU Certification preparation bootcamp on the other hand is a one day event usually held a day prior to or after any summit to help prepare educators who wish to become Google certified complete the certification process which comprises of 5 online tests and a completed application, including a case study. The day is fun, engaging and educational and teaches you how to quickly pass the tests and join the community of certified trainers worldwide.

Google Cloud Camp is a more focused and intense form of workshop with the beginners in mind. Schools that ‘go Google’ often find themselves scrambling to provide basic training for apps or are unsure of the ‘what else’ they can get out of it. Google Cloud Camp is a curriculum set up to showcase what you can do with all the apps. It is not a ‘beginner’ but rather a way to ‘level’ up if you are either a beginner or somewhat experienced user.

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