Google Demo Slams Live-on-Air with Lee Webster

Slam demo.png
If you are constantly looking for fresh ideas on how to use Google products more efficiently in the classroom or new Google tricks to improve work productivity, tune-in to the Google Slam community by +Lee Webster.

The Google Slam community is a once a month live on air show where a group of educators from around the world get together and compete against each other by doing a demo slam on any Google Product via Hangouts. Each person has a 3 minute time limit after which the viewers vote to pick their favourite. It’s a fun and interesting way of learning and the coolest part is you too can join!

If you want to take a peek at what happens during a Slam, you can check out Lee’s YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe too!

Lee Webster is a Google Certified Teacher and a core team member of AppsEvents. He is passionate about learning new tools that enhance learning and pushing the boundaries of education. He will be joining us on all three Asian summits this year (Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Vietnam summits) and has prepared exciting sessions about photo and video editing in Chrome, Google Maps Engine Lite, and more.

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