Introducing AppsEvents Global Summit Partner ‘Wizkids’

We are delighted to have had Wizkids as a great supporter of our summits and the Google in Education Community in general since our first ever summit in Prague 2012, and have had fun hanging out with the Wizkids team literally across the world at our summits in Asia, Europe and the US.

We had a connection as AppsEvents Director Dan Taylor was one of the developers of the CourseDirector LMS which was passed on to Wizkids when the summits started to take off.

AppsEvents Global Summit Partner Wizkids

Wizkids are best known for their groundbreaking assistive learning technologies spearheaded by AppWriter, that contains word prediction, read aloud features and the possibility to create personal profiles. AppWriter is available for iPad, Google Docs, Mac, Windows and Android. This video gives a good overview of what it does.

Want to try AppsWriter Cloud for yourself? Sign up for a free 1-month trial through this link.

In addition, they have developed a cloud based learning platform ‘EduLife’, that makes it easy to integrate Google Apps For Education with the Schools Management Information System. They’ve also developed and released a free Computer Algebra System (CAS) Add-On for Google Docs to help you plot equations, create graphs and more.

Wizkids have offices in Denmark (Copenhagen and Kolding), Sweden (Malmö), and a new one will open next month in London. You can meet with Wizkids at many of our upcoming summits including Sweden and Prague.

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