What We Like About Google Classrom HOA

Google Classroom is a tool that many of us are thankful for.  This HOA features what you can ‘do’ with Google Classroom, who benefits, and unique ways to take advantage of this easy to use interface to interact with and engage your students!

Google Apps is a Treasure Trove of Opportunity and we would like to share the opportunities that exist in the Google Classroom.  Special Guests include Andrew Stillman, Top Contributor of Innovation and Tools to the Google Community, +Jennifer Scheffer and students from Burlington High School, +Dan Taylor, original creator of Course Director and now AppsEvents, and +Ben Rouse from Glyn Schools UK ~ education leader, Google Certified Teacher and Trainer.

Lots of interesting changes to Google Classroom recently. Make sure to check out our comprehensive online course on Google Classroom by Google in Education guru Allison Mollica. The course will help you get up to speed with ‘Google Classroom’ and features video lessons with an online quiz after each video chapter to test your knowledge. The course is being updated regularly to reflect the most recent changes. Get access here: http://goo.gl/ddspKc
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