Review of the new Google Education Certifications

With the announcement of the new Google Eduction Certifications last Friday we thought we would post a quick summary of the new certifications and how they differs from the old ones. Firstly here are the two important links to get you started:

Education Training Center
Certification FAQ page

The pdf below gives a summary of the relationship between the old and new and you can access the graphic directly here. In addition here are some additional clarification notes from us:

  • ‘Google Certified Educator Level 1’ replaces the ‘Google Basics’ exam. It’s a two hour exam which costs $10 and now gives you an official electronic badge which is great. If you took the basics exam before you will have to retake the new exam
  • ‘Google Certified Educator Level 2’ is a new certification which builds on Level 1. It’s a three hour exam which costs $25 and also gives you an official electronic badge
  • For prospective Google Education Trainers the exams, application process, review cycle and cost are exactly the same, the only change is new name of ‘Google for Education Certified Trainer’. Also important to note is that it’s not required to take the level 1 and 2 exams before applying. It still costs $75 to take all exams. ‘Google Education Trainers’ automatically become ‘Google for Education Certified Trainers’
  • ‘Google Certified Innovator’ to replace ‘Google Certified Teacher’. The ‘Google for Education Innovation Academy’ replaces the ‘GoogleTeacher Academy’ and we will keep you updated when dates are announced. Google Certified Teachers automatically become Google Certified Innovators

About the Contributor

Dan Taylor | Google Certified Education Trainer | Google Apps Certified Admin

Dan Taylor is from the UK and the Director of AppsEvents. He has been involved in the Google Education community since the launch of Google Apps for Education in 2006.

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