Google Announces the Google for Education Activity App

To make it easier for all Google for Education Community Leaders to report and keep track of all training and engagement events, a dedicated Google for Education Activity App was launched this month.

This means, all Google for Education Certified Trainers, Certified Innovators, local GEG Leaders, and Professional Development Partners can conveniently log all community or training events and manage their profile in one website. This is a significant improvement from the previous reporting system using Forms where there was no way of back tracking what was already submitted.

Another great feature of the Activity App is that you can authorize other Google accounts you own to manage your profile and report events. For similar or recurring events, there is also an option to clone an activity to help you save even more time!

All training events and/or projects from January 2016 and beyond should be logged on the new Activity App. There is no news for a mobile app version but we’ve tested the site on a mobile device and it works great. We can’t wait to see what other improvements will be added to the app. To start setting up your profile, please visit https://eduactivityapp.withgoogle.com/.

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Jane Vestil | Google Certified Trainer 
Co-Manager, Google Business Group Cebu

Jane advocates the creative use of web technologies for personal, business, and education purposes. She actively participates in Cebu-based Google supported communities (GBG/GDG/GEG) and loves to blog during her free time.

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