Demo Slam: Control Your Desktop Remotely with this Fantastic Chrome Extension

by +Andrew McDonald

I just came back from an awesome apps event in Qatar. So many great new things to do in the classroom and talk to administration about for our school. I also met so many new friends and reconnected with old friends. I gave a talk on using Google Cardboard in the classroom and also gave a demo slam about Chrome Remote Desktop. The demo slam was a great success and I wanted to talk about it here today. This application is available in Chrome Web Store and on the Google Play Store as well as on the iOS App Store.

Here how is works. You install the application on the devices that you want to use as hosts and clients. You can launch the application on the client device and then login to the other devices using your pre-assigned pin, or it can be automatic if you have disabled the need for a pin. Because it is linked to your Google account, there is no need to create another username or password. Yes, it’s just that simple.

You can share your computer or access a shared computer from the top profile box.  
The lower box is where your computers that you can access are located.
Once you are logged in you have full control of the host computer. A great use for this tool is to login to my computer from my phone to use it as the remote during presentations. It keeps me from being tethered to the desk when giving a presentation and using the mouse.

It’s also useful for those times that I forgot something on my work computer. I can login from my home computer or smartphone to retrieve it.

You can also use this application to take control of someone else’s computer if they give you access. In the application, simply select the remote command option and input the host gives the client the 16 digit code. You will then have control of their computer.

I have used this to login to my father’s computer to help him with some computer issues which would have been very hard to fix over the phone or Skype from the Middle East to Canada.

Again this is linked to your Google account so if you have multiple Google accounts try to remember which account to you used for each device. My suggestion is you use one account for all of your devices.

If you need any help with installation please don’t hesitate to contact me.

About the Contributor

Andrew McDonald

I’m a physics, computer science, mathematics and robotics teacher – always looking to learn about interesting tips and tricks to use in the classroom! I have been a teacher for the last four years and have enjoyed every minute of it. From discovery learning and interactiveness of robotics to using Google Apps for Education in the classroom. The streamline content delivery and for use of assessments has saved so much time giving me a chance to work on more interesting and interactive ways for learning in and out of the classroom.

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