Tracking with Google Keep, Using Polls in Google Classroom, and More Updates!

Keep Track of Tasks with the Latest Google Keep Updates

Were there times that you wanted to jot down something but don’t have anything on your desk or no easy way to write it on? Ideas or to-do-lists that pop out instantaneously won’t be easily forgotten with Google Keep! The latest updates for Keep provide you new ways to collect and manage information that matters to you.

  • Using the Keep Chrome extension

  • Using Chrome’s “Share via” in Android Phones

  • Using #Labels

Whether you’re on the web through your PC, Android phone, iPhone or iPad, these updates on Keep will surely be of great help! Learn more by clicking the source link below.


Ways to Use Polls in Google Classroom

Google Classroom acts like a virtual classroom that helps communication between teachers and students easier and more efficient. Recently, Google makes learning easier with a new polling feature that assists teachers quickly for better understanding, gathering feedback, or measure interests.

  • Post Exit Tickets

  • Help Students Self-Monitor

  • Guide Student Discussions

  • Get Feedback from Students

These are the 4 suggested ways to make use of the Classroom Polling feature. To read a more detailed process of these ways, check out the source link below.


Your Files Wherever You Are

Storing and keeping your files in Google Drive means that you can access them on all devices from just about anywhere. Just recently, Google declared “anywhere” including Android and iOS versions of Yahoo Mail and WhatsApp.

Check the source link below to read more about these new features.


Because Computer Storage is Limited

Google Drive for Mac/PC is an app that syncs files on your computer with Google Drive. It’s an easy way to ensure that you can access files safely at your own pace at any given location. Updates to improve syncing and sharing experience have been rolled out recently.

The following features consist of:

Selecting folders and subfolders you want to sync.

Getting a warning message before you make changes to shared files and folders.

Now, it is definitely easier for you to manage your files anywhere. For more details on this great update, refer to the source link below.


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