Lunch and Learn with Dean Stokes at a FREE Live Webinar

Are you new to using Google Classroom or do you have colleagues who’ve never seen it before? If so, be sure to check out a FREE series of webinars that our very own Dean Stokes created with Texthelp. The fourth and final webinar takes place on Wednesday 7th December at 12:30pm GMT.


The links for the whole series are below so that you can start watching right away. The webinars run at a comfortable pace – concise with just the right amount of information you’ll need.

Webinar 1 (13 mins) – Getting Started with G Suite for Education and Google Classroom
Webinar 2 (15 mins) – Completing and Collecting Work with Google Classroom
Webinar 3 (20 mins) – Assessing Work with Google Classroom
Webinar 4 (1 hour) – Lunch and Learn LIVE (Taking Things Further with Google Classroom)

By watching the series, you’ll learn how to complete the entire lesson workflow using Google Classroom from creating a class to assessing work. You’ll also find out how to use Read & Write for Google Chrome for supporting literacy and comprehension and Fluency Tutor for Google to assist with assessing reading – both free for teachers from Texthelp.

In the final LIVE session, you’ll build on what was learned in the first three videos by discovering some great new tips and tricks. The session will end with a live Q&A for you to ask questions about using G Suite for Education and Classroom at your school.

Sign up for the live webinar with Dean Stokes!

We’re excited to see you there!

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