Considering switching to a Chromebook? Here’s what these experts have to say…

For those who are planning to get a Chromebook this year, major media outlets Computerworld and both recently published their review on the Acer Chromebook R13. We are sharing them below to help you decide on which device to get.

Computerworld’s article, Review: Acer Chromebook R13 – a Chromebook with class, is mostly positive, focusing on the design, support for Android apps, and overall usability. The review starts by laying out how the R13 is a “slightly larger, slightly improved version of the R11.”

The brand new R13 “has a much more solid feel than most Chromebooks,” and it’s good to hear that they “got the impression that this one will last for the long haul.” Computerworld also commented on the keyboard, which they were impressed with, though it was mentioned that the touchpad isn’t as large as those found on some high-end laptops.
They also picked up on the excellent new development that the R13 is “one of the few Chromebooks currently capable of running Android apps.” As with all of Acer’s Chromebooks, the battery is excellent, with the R13’s good for up to 12 hours. As Computerworld mentioned, “it certainly lasted over a day’s worth of use with power to spare.”

If you’re attending BETT 2017, definitely get along to the Acer stand to check out the new Chromebook R13. It’s flippable, has a touchscreen, runs Android apps and boasts a decent 4GB of RAM to keep on top of all those tabs you have open! You can check out the full review from Computerworld here, or if you’d like a second opinion, check out this review from who found the R13 to be the ‘Best Overall Chromebook.’

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