Sneak Preview: Four things we learned from our survey of Google use in schools worldwide

By +Dan Taylor

Each year AppsEvents produces our survey of Google use in schools worldwide and it’s the most extensive survey tracking the trends and statistics for how schools are using Google, and how it fits into their overall IT infrastructure and strategies for teaching and learning (note if you didn’t complete the survey yet you still have 5 days so do it now 🙂

Respondents get early access to the findings for a week before we release to the general public, so please forward to your colleagues at other schools.

We will be preparing the full results next week but thought we would share with you a few ‘early access’ findings from a look at the data submitted so far.

  1. Classroom – A whopping 90% of respondents are using Google Classroom in their schools, up from 74% in 2016. This fits into our thesis that Classroom is driver for the fourth distinct phase of Google adoption in schools.
  2. Chromebooks – No surprises here but Chromebook use has made a big jump in the past year. In 2016 48% of respondents used them at their school. In 2017 it is up to 69%! A full 19% increase. We expect this trend to continue in 2018 with European schools now leading the adoption.
  3. Tablets – Tablet use has remained fairly constant. 74% in 2016 compared to 78% in 2017. We expect this to remain roughly the same and possibly decrease slightly through 2018 as Chromebooks capture more of the iPad market.
  4. People are still calling G Suite Google Apps 🙂 A keyword search of the two shows slightly more people referring to Google Apps than G Suite. We still make this mistake sometimes in the AppsEvents team but we are getting better!
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