#GIESummit is now #GooglePD

When AppsEvents began in 2011 ‘Google for Education’ was ‘Google in Education’ and ‘G Suite’ was ‘Google Apps’ ….a lot has changed! AppsEvents has also changed: Initially we focussed only on Google Summits, but now we offer a range of customized ‘Professional Development’ (PD) with one constant mission: We focus 100% on Google and 100% on schools.

With this in mind we started our quest for a new Hashtag. We came up with #GooglePDwhile in Hong Kong last month for our annual summit. AppsEvents team members Dan Taylor and Dean Stokes were on a long taxi ride and brainstorming every possible hashtag, which eventually led to #GooglePD. It’s simple, reflects our mission and is a good transition to our next phase as we grow AppsEvents for the future.

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