#GSuiteHack : Google Photos Awesomeness

Google Photos is probably one of the most under appreciated feature in G Suite. It’s not just a place to store all your photos but is actually a very sophisticated tool utilizing Google’s machine learning technology.

Here are some fun and smart ways to use Google Photos:

Show an events highlight movie at the end of a class activity or school program

Photos lets you create movies with zero editing knowledge! Simply go to Assistant, select movies, and choose all the photos and clips you want to be included. It will automatically add audio and transition effects. How cool is that?

You can also make animated GIFs and collages.

Smart search

Say goodbye to endless scrolling. Just like Google’s search engine, you can use keywords to look for certain images from your collection. Go to photos.google.com right now and try searching for food. It will then pull up all the food pics you have in your collection.

Photos is able to recognize your photos without having to explicitly define or tag every single one of them. So the next time you need a certain image for your blog post or presentation, try checking your Photos first.

Group similar faces and label them

Need to find a good photo of your principal for a magazine feature or for a birthday card? Go to search and you will find thumbnails of faces below the search bar. Clicking any of the thumbnail will display all photos from your collection where that person is present! You can also label them so searching would be easier next time.
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