2018 Tamworth New Hampshire #GooglePD Highlights

Some gems during the New Hampshire #GooglePD hosted by the Kenneth A. Brett School at Tamworth, NH.

Lesson of the Day from Dean Stokes Keynote

Lesson of the day from Dean Stokes: it’s okay to fail! It’s a hard one but rewarding and freeing. Create safe environments for our students to learn from their failures @AppsEvents1 #GooglePD pic.twitter.com/Qajt6saGI2

— asamsel (@asamteach) July 18, 2018

Create a classroom environment where Ss feel that it is safe to fail. @DeanStokes #GooglePD pic.twitter.com/AZcADJpeZv

— Donna Macdonald (@dsmacdonald) July 18, 2018

Add-ons Tips from @SusieTechCoach

.@SusieTechCoach Remember when accessing the Add-ons menus to take advantage of both the drop-down sort categories and the search box. #GooglePD pic.twitter.com/O582UDEoZO

— Nick Shuman (@nshuman78) July 18, 2018

.@SusieTechCoach Hey foreign language teachers! Check out Easy Accents Add-on for Google Docs for easy access to those accent marks. https://t.co/Io5s3woMke #GooglePD

— Nick Shuman (@nshuman78) July 18, 2018

Tips and Tricks by @joliboucher

Check out all of @joliboucher‘s helpful resources here: https://t.co/0GOGzRbc34. #GooglePD pic.twitter.com/zNitjaQPfT

— Donna Macdonald (@dsmacdonald) July 18, 2018

.@joliboucher Use the File>Import Slides feature inside of #GoogleSlides to crowd source with students on a common topic. #GooglePD pic.twitter.com/GiYe5uUY3u

— Nick Shuman (@nshuman78) July 18, 2018 

.@joliboucher Use the Q&A feature inside of #GoogleSlides to give those students who are reluctant to raise their hands & ask a question a safe, anonymous place to do. #GooglePD pic.twitter.com/uZ9FxUNRs5

— Nick Shuman (@nshuman78) July 18, 2018

And more tips and tricks… 

Thrilled to find @Google Lit Trips in today’s #GooglePD session! https://t.co/D1odcfNofh

— Donna Macdonald (@dsmacdonald) July 18, 2018

What a helpful rubric for student-created @Google Tour Builder! https://t.co/kJLYEeBTXU Thanks @JoliBoucher! https://t.co/EpSzV8oYvw #GooglePD

— Donna Macdonald (@dsmacdonald) July 18, 2018

If you’d like to see ONLY the video when showing your class @YouTube treasures, use https://t.co/mnCFqWYStI. #GooglePD pic.twitter.com/nNj5aUaXP7

— Donna Macdonald (@dsmacdonald) July 18, 2018

One of my fav takeaways from @AppsEvents1 in #NH these past two days … this desktop background for my WinPC to organize my desktop folders and files. I keep most on the cloud, but ❤️ this for my local stuff! #GooglePD (forgot who presented this) pic.twitter.com/NRNlWWtVSK

— CSwenson M.Ed (@cswenson) July 19, 2018

Papers stacking up? #Snapverter, a new add-on for Read&Write for #Google, takes a pic of any doc & turns it into a readable file, pop by the Texthelp booth for a demo at the @AppsEvents1 New Hampshire Summit! #GooglePD #GAFE #edtech #NHed  https://t.co/jaW9EITpdJ pic.twitter.com/zrBl4a4zlL

— Texthelp for Edu (@texthelp) July 19, 2018


— CSwenson M.Ed (@cswenson) July 18, 2018

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