Optimizing workflow for your classroom

Wonder how other educators are optimizing their workflow for their classroom? Get inspired with these Trello board templates and examples!

What is Trello?

Trello is an infinitely flexible visual collaboration tool that helps you keep track of everything— from the big picture down to the smallest details. It is a free and simple to use project management tool, and our team use it as our core event planning App. Our CEO Dan Taylor talks about it more on our EventsFrame blog post “How to run an events company on (almost) completely free tools”.

Recently, Trello introduced hundreds of sample boards submitted by actual users (including educators) from all around the world that others can easily copy and customize. We listed some of our favorites and included some “board basics” for those new to Trello 😉

Status Of The Class

Always know what step each student is at in a process. Works well in a workshop environment where students are progressing individually.

Board Basics: Columns in Trello are called “lists” and items added on lists are called “cards”. You can move around both “lists” and “cards” through drag-and-drop action.

Weekly Classroom Newsletter

Keep parents up to date on upcoming events, assignments, and assessments with a weekly classroom newsletter board.

Board Basics: You can add “team members” to a Trello board and customize view/edit permissions. You can also set an entire board to “Public” so people can view the contents without having to register for an account.

Day-to-Day Group Rotation

Keep all your resources and links in one spot, but move student groups each day as partnerships move throughout the room.

Board Basics: You can add a variety of resources in a card: texts, images, URLs, files, link to a Google Drive folder or file, checklists, and so much more! Click on a card to see all the resources.

You can view the entire gallery at https://trello.com/inspiration.

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