How to map a Custom Domain to Google Sites (Personal Account) | Tips and Tricks Episode 25

Ever tried to map a custom domain to a Google Site NOT created in G Suite but with your own personal account? Here’s how to do it!

Using Google Sites, everyone can now create amazing looking websites and map these to their domains. You can purchase your own domain via domains.google.com or any other domain provider.

Once you have access to your domain, simply prove ownership, add txt and CNAME Records to your DNS settings of the domain and you are good to go.

The video walks you through all the steps to do this.

If you are on a G Suite account managed by a domain, then you will have to map your site using a different technique: See the following video: https://youtu.be/uPHYsB4xSuQ

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Find the Search console mentioned in the video here: https://search.google.com/search-console

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This video was sponsored by AppsEvents and Acer for Education.

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  1. Unlike classic Google Sites, the new Google Sites address mappings automatically supply domain-validated SSL certificates for secure connections. You can’t use other certificates.

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