5 Chrome Extensions you NEED to know about | Tips and Tricks Episode 26

In this video, we are looking at adding functionality to our Chrome Browser and Chromebook with Extensions! These are great to get work done quickly, add special features, or simply do amazing things otherwise not possible!

If you like these extensions make sure to scroll down and let us know in the comment section. Also, if you have a favorite extension, let us know about it, as more extension videos are coming soon and we might just feature your comment in the video!

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👉Learning: InsertLearning
👉Learning: ScreenR
🔒Security: Password Checkup by Google 
🔥Productivity: Toby for Chrome
🔥Productivity: Tab Resize

This video is sponsored by Acer for Education and Produced by Sethi from the ‘Flipped Classroom Tutorials’ Channel for Appsevents.

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