How to Screen Record on Chrome and Chromebooks – 5 Extensions to Create Great video

Are you ready to create a better video? Looking for a screen recorder on Chrome or Chromebooks? Want to create instructional videos for your students? Here are 5 Incredible Screen Recorder Extensions you can use on Chrome and Chromebooks!

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The extensions mentioned in the video are the following:
1. Loom
2. Nimbus Screen Recorder
3. Screencastify
4. Hippo Video
5. Awesome Screenshot

This video is sponsored by Acer for Education and Produced by Sethi from the ‘Flipped Classroom Tutorials’ Channel for Appsevents.

You can find them here:

➤➤Acer for Education: https://eu-acerforeducation.acer.com/
➤➤AppsEvents: https://appsevents.com/
➤➤Flipped Classroom Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/c/flippedclassroomtutorials

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