A conversation with Craig Kemp Co-Founder at EduSpark, speaker, workshop host and consultant

Craig shares the journey of creating the EduSpark Professional Learning Platform, why this platform, the vision and juggling multiple projects focused on professional learning and then launching EduSpark. What does professional learning look like for schools and educators in the next few years, has COVID reframed our understanding of virtual professional development.


About Craig Kemp


As a well known and respected keynote speaker, workshop host, and global Education Consultant, Craig is a leader in the field of ICT and EdTech and works with Departments, Ministries, School Leadership, School Communities and Educators to understand, design, and implement digital learning solutions and transformations to improve teaching practice and student learning outcomes.

Craig has supported schools and organisations all over the globe to establish practices, protocols and guidelines to support the sustainable implementation of technology into the curriculum to add value to student learning. In addition, he works as an advisor with technology vendors adding value to their products for use in schools. Craig works with these companies to help them build, develop, grow and connect with schools all over the world and has successfully supported global EdTech companies in developing a presence in APAC.

Craig is a New Zealand born educator with over 15 years experience both in the classroom, in leadership and in consulting. He is an enthusiastic change agent that is passionate about every aspect of education and making a difference. Craig is currently based in Singapore.

Craig is well known for his dedication to education through Social Media, with over 45,000 followers on Twitter. Craig is the founder of new professional learning platform EduSpark that is shaking up the professional learning landscape for schools globally.


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