Google Workspace Education Plus Trials and Licenses FAQs

Google Workspace Education Plus Trials and Licenses FAQs.

The Google Workspace Education Plus trial is 60 days long and provides 50 licenses to distribute to any users in the school’s domain. During the trial period you will have access to all features of Education Plus including Breakout Rooms in Meet, and data export in BigQuery.

For every 4 paid Google Workspace Education Plus student licenses, the school receives 1 free staff license. If your staff:student ratio is more than 1 staff:4 students then you will need to purchase more student licenses to make up the numbers.

In this scenario the school would need to purchase 200 student licenses, therefore receiving 50 free staff licenses to ensure that all staff receive a license. 

Google Workspace Education Plus is provided on a full domain model, that is every active student needs to be licensed within the domain. School leaver accounts don’t count

AppsEvents is a Professional Development and Google Workspace Education Plus partner with Google for 10 years We have a close relationship with the Google for Education team and work on many projects directly for them. Please view our Google Partner Directory listing here.

A school assigns their Google account to a Google reseller in order to purchase Education Plus licenses. Google does not offer direct billing for Education Plus licenses, the billing must go through an authorised reseller in order to support schools with license assignment.

By default, resellers have access to a school’s domain to support license assignments and activation.

For additional support please refer to this article on transferring an account to a reseller, and this article on changing access that a reseller has to your admin console.

The quickest way to assign licenses is to go to the Admin Console and go to the ‘Users’ section. Click the checkbox next to the users you wish to assign licenses and then click ‘More’ and ‘Assign Licenses’. We have prepared a complete guide to assigning licenses here

It is quite simple to transfer away from a reseller at any time from within the school’s admin console.

  1. AppsEvents shares a seat verification letter to fill in.
  2. AppsEvents sends this to Google.
  3. Google confirms the numbers (takes up to 24 hours).
  4. AppsEvents invoices the school and awaits payment.
  5. AppsEvents assigns the licenses. 

Typically it takes up to 24 hours from when we submit the seat verification letter to Google to receive their approval.

As soon as Google approves the offer AppsEvents will invoice the school.

There is a 5% discount for a 2 year commitment and a 10% discount for a 3 year commitment. For 2 and 3 year deals we need to invoice the school in advance for the full period. 

Google will not count non-active accounts.

We have prepared a complete guide to assigning licenses here

We are 100% sure it can be done, we have authorization to sell to Russia and all countries in CEE for Education Plus. In the event or any issue we can transfer back to you in a few minutes.

You can select who is going to be using the Education Plus version on your admin console. You are allowed to transfer, for example, 10 teachers and 40 students. You may also change users during a 60 days period.

By giving reseller access to AppsEvents then AppsEvents as a Google Enterprise partner would be able to access the admin console of the domain for the purposes of applying licenses. However, the school can remove AppsEvents access very easily, straight after giving reseller access. Here is the Google support article: https://support.google.com/a/answer/114840 You do initially need to grant us access to your domain (this is the way Google has set it up for resellers). However we ask that you remove our admin access immediately after. Here is more information from Google support, also view the gif below for a quick walkthrough: Once we have added you to our account, AppsEvents can notify the school immediately to remove any admin access as above. There are no instances in which we would need to make any changes on a school’s domain during the trial period or beyond. A school may choose to ask AppsEvents to apply licenses to their users, in which case AppsEvents would need access to the admin console. The school IT team can also run the Admin audit log reports which will show all activity on the admin console.

As a data processor Google Cloud Platform has standard contract clauses that adhere to GDPR. You can find out more here. This applies to Education Fundamentals and the paid editions. 

As an administrator, you can choose to store your covered data in a specific geographic location (the United States or Europe) by using a data region policy. Find out more here 

No you do not need to assign licenses to non-user accounts. Licenses only need to be assigned to users that will utilize/require the features

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James Sayer

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