A conversation w/ Dr Yuhyun Park – Founder of DQ – Global Standards for Digital Literacy, Skills, and Readiness dqinstitute.org

Dr. Park shares her journey founding the DQ Institute, writing her book IQ EQ DQ New Intelligence in the AI age, Digital Citizenship and Literacy and her work across the globe focused on these areas. Together we explore the challenges of the digital landscape students and parents are navigating, the learnings from her work, and how to leverage many of the strategies available to schools and educators with the DQ Institute.


About Dr. Yuhyun Park


Dr. Yuhyun Park is a world-leading expert in digital skills and child online safety. She created the Digital Intelligence (DQ) concept and framework, which is the world’s first global standards and a common framework for digital literacy, skills, and readiness (IEEE 3527.1) which was endorsed by the IEEE Standards Association, OECD, and World Economic Forum in 2018. Dr. Park developed the Child Online Safety Index, the world’s first real-time metric tracker to help nations understand their children’s online safety status, and leads the #DQEveryChild initiative, a global digital citizenship movement for children.


In addition, she has been serving in various international leadership positions related to digital economy, skills, and safety, including as the leader of the EQUALS ITU Digital Skills Coalition, the chair of TikTok Safety Advisory Council AP, and International Lead for Digital Economy in the G20 Civil Society (2020). She also serves as an adjunct professor at Yonsei University and a board member at Future Consensus institute in South Korea.


She has received several international awards, including recognition as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, Ashoka Fellow, Eisenhower Fellow, and multiple UNESCO prizes. She co-authored the “Dictionary for Economics”, which is the most widely used dictionary for economics in Korea. Her academic experiences include serving as an adjunct professor at Yonsei University in Korea and as a director at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Dr Park completed her Ph.D. degree and post-doctoral studies in biostatistics at Harvard University


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Book: IQ EQ DQ: New Intelligence in the AI Age 




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