A conversation with Dr. Helen Kelly, Researcher, writer, speaker, consultant on school wellbeing drhelenkelly.com (The Positive Principal)

Dr. Helen Kelly shares learnings from her research, work and workshops on wellbeing focused on supporting and guiding schools, educators and school leaders. We take this opportunity with Helen’s expertise to better understand strategies and the creative challenges schools encounter engaging with school wellbeing and how the pandemic has impacted this area and awareness. How can schools and school leaders address this important area in today landscape.


About Helen Kelly


Helen Kelly is a researcher, writer and speaker in the field of school wellbeing. Between 2006 and 2020, when she retired from her work as a school principal, Helen led international schools in Bangkok, Berlin and Hong Kong. Prior to this she spent a decade as a member of the English legal profession, representing employees in the area of health and safety at work, with a focus on industrial accidents and diseases.


Helen is most known for her work on school leader and teacher wellbeing. She has a worldwide audience for her blogposts, articles, speaking engagements and workshops. Through her work as The Positive Principal, she aims to provide practical support to teachers, school leaders and those responsible for running and supporting schools, to enhance wellbeing and maximise the potential of the whole school community.


Helen is currently completing work on her book School Leaders Matter: Preventing Burnout, Managing Stress and Improving Wellbeing which will be published by Routledge later in the year.


Helen Kelly on Social Media


Twitter: @drhkelly

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-helen-kelly-65996919

Website: www.drhelenkelly.com



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