In-Person Google for Education Summit Hosted by St. Bonaventure Catholic School

An in-person Summit featuring Google for Education was hosted by the St. Bonaventure Catholic School in Davie, Florida last August 8 and 9, 2022 organized by AppsEvents and supported by Acer.  A total of 70 educators attended the two-day workshops led by highly acclaimed Google Certified Trainers and Educators.

The goal of the summit is to help administrators, educators, specialists, and assistants/paraprofessionals learn how to use the tools for productivity and/or in innovative ways to engage learners to be successful in achieving competency in all areas of the curriculum.

The sessions received great feedback from the educators who attended:

“In all my years of teaching, I have never learned so much information in the classroom. Your Google facilitators were excellent! They were extremely knowledgeable about their topics. I can’t say enough.”

“The entire event from start to finish was amazing! Each presenter was wonderful about making sure that we were each getting exactly what we needed. So refreshing and energizing to spend time with such a large group of educators who are both knowledge and entertaining – THANK YOU for doing what you do!”

“I thought this was the best training we have received in my 12 years of teaching! I learned so many things I plan to use this year and I think my students are going to love my lessons.”

We look forward to being able to do more face to face summits and bootcamps again this year and onwards. If you are looking at bespoke PD sessions, summits or certification bootcamps, we would be delighted to help you plan and deliver high-quality professional learning for your colleagues.

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Appsevents consists of a core team that works remotely across the world. A number of world class trainers with a history of innovation in the classroom make up the rest of the team at Google for Education summits and bootcamps.

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