Tamara Lechner and Elke Paul Co-Founders Create Positive: www.createpositive.org

Educators and entrepreneurs Tamara and Elke share the journey of Create Positive http://www.createpositive.org and how they are supporting educational organizations with programs, workshops, and coaching in the area of wellbeing.


They share how together they transitioned to creating Creative Positive their learnings and challenges as women leading a startup. We will explore their approach and areas of focus on wellbeing.


About Tamara Lechner


Tamara Lechner loves spreading happiness. Her commitment to improving proactive wellbeing on a global scale has led to her involvement with world leaders in contextual wellbeing measurement and education. In addition to founding the global EdTech group CreatePositive, she is an inaugural member of WEN (Wellbeing Education Network) and sits on the Education Futures team for the Harvard Programme for Human Flourishing. She is passionate about using Positive Technology to help bridge mental health and future skills gaps. She has written for Deepak Chopra, Oprah, and Mindful magazine.  Her book, The Happiness Reset: What to do When Nothing Makes You Happy, pairs each day of the week with an evidence-based positive psychology intervention, which is a fancy way of saying a happiness habit. Her deep belief is that happiness happens by choice, not by chance.




About Dr. Elke Paul


Dr. Elke Paul is co-founder of CreatePositive, a professional learning ecosystem to advance mental wellbeing and human skills. She is an international education & mental wellbeing consultant, trainer, and speaker. She holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Education, a university degree (Diplom) in Social Pedagogy, and a certification in Positive Psychology. She is a senior Yoga & Meditation instructor and previous owner of a Yoga Center in Sydney. She is also a board member of the Spirituality and Meaning Division at the International Positive Psychology Association. Dr. Paul has lived and worked in Europe, USA, Asia, and Australia and has gained deep insight into the diverse needs of wellbeing education. CreatePositive is her strong commitment to realizing professional wellbeing at scale.






We have 2 free courses currently available:

The Elephant 2.0 is a conversation about navigating Russia’s military action in Ukraine



Strengths for the Classroom- https://createpositive.learnworlds.com/course/strengths-classroom


We are launching multiple series of✨Sparks which are simple, accessible, and intriguing extensions of professional development, designed to boost the sustainability of wellbeing initiatives. Starting with 3 series: Energize, Calm/Cope, and Connect.


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