[Recording] Getting more out of Google Classroom | Schoolytics & Appsevents

Join us as we learn how you can leverage Google Classroom with Schoolytics to help students stay organized, spend time on learning instead of searching, and reduce missed assignments.

0:00 Schoolytics Intro

2:25 Why Invest to get more out of Classroom?

3:05 From a School’s perspective

4:02 Organized classrooms help students stay on track

6:00 Inconsistent practices cause student confusion

7:52 Google Classroom can reduce teacher workload

9:30 Intervention Groups

14:30 Transforming data into actionable insights with Schoolytics

16:25 Student profiles with Schoolytics from Classroom data

17:35 Guardian / Parent portal

21:00 Schoolytics demo for leadership

24:15 Schoolytics demo for teachers

27:10 Schoolytics demo for students

28:00 Schoolytics demo for guardians / parents

30:15 Special guest Aneil Peswani – St Chris’ story

41:05 What does it take to set up Schoolytics?



Appsevents consists of a core team that works remotely across the world. A number of world class trainers with a history of innovation in the classroom make up the rest of the team at Google for Education summits and bootcamps.

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