Introducing Appsevents as a ‘Managed Service Provider’ (MSP) for Google Schools

People I meet for the first time often ask, “what do Appsevents do?” Traditionally, my answer was always, ‘we are a Google PD partner working with schools worldwide.’ While this is still the case, we have combined our PD heritage with deep tech support skills to launch Appsevents as a full MSP for schools using Google. It’s a part of the business we have been growing for a while, but we felt it was time to finally start getting the word out more widely beyond our customers 🙂

Some of you non-IT-Managers may be wondering what an MSP is. Put simply; it is an organization that provides software and technical services (which can be ongoing tech support or custom development). MSPs can help organizations with all or part of their systems.

So what are the specific advantages of working with Appsevents as your MSP?

A PD partner for 12 years

We are unique in that we are the longest-established global Google PD partner – we were a Google PD partner before that was even a thing! We bring this PD heritage to our tech assistance as we find that ongoing support, coaching, and training are just as important as having the right technical solution. All of our team are former educators, their backgrounds ranging from teachers known for the innovation in the use of Google tools to Tech Directors responsible for large groups of schools.

One example is our ‘Google Admin remote support’ agreements, where we provide ongoing assistance to IT Managers. We are tech-forward and start the support agreement off with a full audit of your Google environment (which we developed with Google), but our ongoing support is very PD oriented, holding a two-hour Meet every two weeks focussed on making sure your team is operating at the highest level and with ongoing continuity of operations. We go over and above for all our customers, no matter how small, to help them get the most out of Google.

We help many schools with tech services and PD, and our team knows Google tools from a Classroom perspective and an admin perspective.

We are ultra-focussed – We only work with schools that use Google

We are not an organization that works with enterprise customers and adds on schools as an afterthought. Even though we have had approaches from companies over the years, we have always stuck to working 100% with Google schools for our entire 12 years as a company. It’s what we enjoy, and it means we have built up an extensive body of knowledge about what works with Google tools, both in the IT department and the classroom.

Genuinely global reach combined with local expertise

We have been a global company since day 1. Our first-ever customer was John Mikton, then at the International School of Prague, and our next was in the UK, US, and Thailand. This gives us a specific advantage – We don’t just inform our work with best practices from your country but combine them with our global experience. We cover three very distinct markets: UK Schools (led by Peter Horner, Zaitoon Bukhari, and Ben Rouse), North American Schools (led by Kate Petty), and International Schools (directed by James Sayer and Veronika Drejslova Hlavenova). Our country teams know the local environment and requirements and share knowledge across regions.

We partner with the systems that best integrate with Google

We can help you with all the Google products you could need: From upgrading to Workspace Education Plus to Chromebook licenses, Google Voice, additional storage, and anything else you may need!

In addition, we partner with the third-party systems we have seen work for schools repeatedly and, most importantly, have deep integration with Google. Our partners include Formative, Edpuzzle, Backupify, Wonde, CloudM, Schoolytics, Lightspeed Systems, Alma SIS, and many more. We can ALWAYS get you the best price.

Get in touch if you would like any more info! It’s important to say we don’t believe in holding you to any long-term agreements… You can stop working with us any time, month to month, and if you ever wanted to switch to a different Google partner, we’d do it right away. We want you to stay with us because you want to!

Dan Taylor

Dan Taylor

Helping schools get the most out of Google for EDU.

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