Removing a Partner’s Admin Console Access

Certain Google products can only be transacted via an official Google Partner (such as AppsEvents). These products include Workspace Education Plus and Google Voice. For a Google Partner to be able to transact on the school’s behalf, the school’s Google account must be transferred into the reseller’s licensing console. The school’s account does not change […]

Google Workspace Education Plus Trials and Licenses FAQs

Google Workspace Education Plus Trials and Licenses FAQs. How long is the trial and how many licenses does the school receive? The Google Workspace Education Plus trial is 60 days long and provides 50 licenses to distribute to any users in the school’s domain. During the trial period you will have access to all features […]

Assigning Google Workspace Education Plus Licenses

Google Workspace Education Plus licenses can be assigned in several different ways: Individual assignment Automatic assignment (OU) CSV upload GAM GCDS sync API access Individual Assignment Pros Easy for a small number of licenses (trial for example) non-technical Cons Not manageable for more than just a handful of licenses Not scaleable How to assign licenses […]