Design Email Campaigns with Gmail

Gmail has finally released two highly requested features in its platform. Users can now use templates, called Layouts, to create email campaigns and multi-send the campaigns to a list in your contacts. Layouts One click at the bottom of an email will open a world of email design possibilities with Gmail’s Layouts. Users simply select […]

Deleting an erroneously sent email – Google Admins

This morning, I received an urgent request to help a school retrieve an email sent in error to a group with an attachment of confidential data. We’ve all been there – sending an email to the wrong recipient or with the wrong attachment. But it can be especially concerning when the email contains sensitive information […]

Take Control of Your Gmail Messages with these 4 Tips

We all know how to write and send an email. But did you know that there are many ways to control that email you’re writing? Check out the four ways to be the boss of messaging below. 1. Schedule Emails You probably fit into one or both of the following camps. Camp One: flexing the […]

Our Favorite 5 Gmail Settings

We’re continuing our month of Gmail awareness with some fun and efficient settings you can enable in order to customize your account. Check out our list of favorite settings below. Setting #1: Undo Send Have you accidentally sent with “Reply to All” when you didn’t mean to? Did you forget to include everything you meant […]

4 Ways to Customize Your Gmail Account

It’s a new year and it’s time to get the most out of our Gmail accounts. This month we’ll be giving insight on how to master your Gmail account with customizations that work for you and time-saving tips that will save you hours over the next year. This week we’re looking at four easy ways […]