Streamline your admin – getting Organisational Units RIGHT!

Watch this video to avoid making the common mistakes Admins make when setting up Google Workspace. This video focuses on creating OUs based on your use cases and simplifying your admin. Also included is some great advice on how to amend your OU structure and migrate to one that better meets your needs. Share this […]

Managing Google Groups – FAQs for Admins

In this video of Frequently Asked Questions about Google Group, Groups for Business and Google Workspace, discover where to check Groups is enabled for your domain, which APIs control groups and much more. Share this video with a friend! ➤➤Acer for Education:​​​ ➤➤AppsEvents: ➤➤Google Workspace for Education Plus FREE 60 day trial: […]

Beginners Admin Guide to Setting Up Password Sync for Google

Discover how to setup and configure Google Password Sync for Active Directory. This will sync users’ Windows passwords with Google Workspace mean there are fewer passwords to remember. It’s a straight-forward process to setup. This video also covers some simple tools to help troubleshoot installations that doing work as expected. Share this video with a […]

Beginners Guide to Google Cloud Directory Sync

In this video find out about: – Installing GCDS on Windows Server – Preparing your servers (General Settings, Google Domain, LDAP) – Setting up the sync with Configuration Manager – Checking your sync and – How to schedule sync using Task Scheduler Share this video with a friend! ➤➤Acer for Education:​​​ ➤➤AppsEvents: […]

Advanced Mobile Management – Part 5

In this video find out how to: – Block and Approve Devices to access Google Workspace for iOS and Android – Secure API Endpoints for Google Services for only approved Apps – Approve Apps for Google Workspace – Manage App access using Groups and Organisational Units Share this video with a friend! ➤➤Acer for […]

Google Workspace Advanced Mobile Management Part 4 – Android Settings

In this video, we look at some of the Android specific settings for Mobile Device Management. In Android Settings, admins can manage work profiles, device features, accounts and network settings to secure Android devices managed by your Google Workspace domain. This video is sponsored by Acer for Education. ➤➤➤➤Get your own Online training with AppsEvents […]

Taking a look at backing up Google Workspace with Backupify

Our team has leading expertise in helping users of Google Workspace for Education to quickly and easily recover information, and that’s where Backupify comes in. For recovering accidentally or deliberately deleted GMails or Google Drive files quickly or for preventing former employees from deleting files Backupify can be a powerful solution. Although rare, Google outages […]

Get Started with Advanced Mobile Management – Part 3

As an admin, protecting your data is critical to the success of your organisation. With Universal settings, Android and iOS Settings you can control mobile management of devices and set password requirements, prevent displaying data insecurely through device notifications, and enforce work profiles and encryption on your devices. Share this video with a friend! […]

Advanced Mobile Management for Google Workspace Part 2

In this video, you’ll find out how to use Advanced Mobile Management in Google Workspace to set password requirements for managed mobile devices, require admin approval for mobile devices and set up Company-owned mobile devices (Android and Apple iPhone/iPad). You will also see how device profiles impact users, through demos of the actual setup on […]