Finally! Google Calendar has a Scheduler

New to Google Calendar…finally! Google Calendar Appointment Scheduler. Google Calendar has taken all the best features of online schedulers and incorporated them into this new feature. The best part? It is completely free. To set up, select “Appointment Schedule” when creating a new event. This opens up a new side pane with a plethora of […]

Abandon Rescheduling Appointments with These Google Calendar Features

It happens all the time with asynchronous calendar invites – you set a meeting and then the person on the other end can’t make the time you set. You can eliminate a lot of back and forth with some simple tools that Google Calendar features. Check them out below. Search for People A small box […]

Add Details Now to Save Time Later in Google Calendar

Have you taken a good look at the options when you create a Google Calendar event? Google Calendar allows users to enter a lot of information and if you’re not familiar with the ways adding just a little information can make your life easier, read on. Built-in Phone and Video Meetings Google Calendar users can […]

Google Calendar Gives 6 Scheduling Options

We all know that every event we put on our calendar is not a one-size-fits-all. For instance, in addition to a typical in-person or video meeting, many people block out time to work on projects, some have a sign-up schedule, etc. What many people don’t know is that Google Calendar events allow you to choose […]

3 Ways to View your Google Calendar

If you’re like most Calendar users, you probably have a 7-day week view on the browser version of your Google Calendar. This is perfect for some users and not so ideal for others. It turns out there are several formats you can use when viewing the events in your schedule. Check out some of the […]