4 Google Meet Features to Access After the Video Call

This week we’re zeroing in on actions a host can take after a video call. Click these links if you missed our Before and During blog posts. Note that all of the following options are available with upgraded Google licenses. For education, this includes the Teaching and Learning Upgrade or the Education Plus upgrade. After […]

4 Fun and Interactive Features in Google Meet

With video calls becoming more standard in the workplace and in education, we’re finding a need to have in-call features to engage and collaborate with each other. Check out some of the free and upgraded features below. Free Feature 1: Whiteboard Hosts can enable a Jamboard to use in a Google Meet as a whiteboard […]

Three Favorite Features in Google Meet

We would be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t joined a video call at this point in our world yet. Many of us participate in at least one video call a week, and some people daily. Many video call platforms have fairly similar features; some have evolved to include really cool enhancements. Let’s take a […]