Tamara Lechner and Elke Paul Co-Founders Create Positive: www.createpositive.org

Educators and entrepreneurs Tamara and Elke share the journey of Create Positive http://www.createpositive.org and how they are supporting educational organizations with programs, workshops, and coaching in the area of wellbeing.   They share how together they transitioned to creating Creative Positive their learnings and challenges as women leading a startup. We will explore their approach and areas […]

A conversation with Dr. Helen Kelly, Researcher, writer, speaker, consultant on school wellbeing drhelenkelly.com (The Positive Principal)

Dr. Helen Kelly shares learnings from her research, work and workshops on wellbeing focused on supporting and guiding schools, educators and school leaders. We take this opportunity with Helen’s expertise to better understand strategies and the creative challenges schools encounter engaging with school wellbeing and how the pandemic has impacted this area and awareness. How […]

School Closure- looking back & forward 18 month on!

Guests : Tim Evans : Founding Educational Technology Coordinator at Stamford American School Hong Kong, Jason Reagin: IBCP Coordinator & MYP Design EducatorI Chadwick International School Dave Freeman:  Director of HR and Operations at Nuna, James Sayer : Director of AppsEvents, Asia & Middle East.   Throughout the pandemic International School Podcast  connected with educators focused on supporting education technology from around the globe […]

A conversation with Wolfgang Soeldner, Head of Global Education at i3-Technologies

Wolfgang shares his journey working in International Schools and in the education technology industry. His roles as Education Technology facilitator, Coordinator, Leader, and currently Head of Global Education. Wolfgang shares the learnings, reflections of navigating an international school education work environment and education technology industry. Moving between these.   Wolfgang Soeldner on Social Media   […]

A conversation with Craig Kemp Co-Founder at EduSpark, speaker, workshop host and consultant

Craig shares the journey of creating the EduSpark Professional Learning Platform, why this platform, the vision and juggling multiple projects focused on professional learning and then launching EduSpark. What does professional learning look like for schools and educators in the next few years, has COVID reframed our understanding of virtual professional development.   About Craig […]

Andrew Hallam – Author of ‘The Millionaire Expat’ and ‘Balance’

My wife recently gave me a copy of ‘The Millionaire Expat’ by Andrew Hallam. I loved the book and connected with Andrew on Linkedin. He agreed to chat on the podcast, and here we are. (This is an excellent testament to LinkedIn as a networking tool!)   We learn all about achieving financial independence, work-life […]