A conversation with author Philippa Wraithmell

Join the conversation with Philippa as she talks about her new book The Digital Ecosystem ( How to create a sustainable digital strategy for your school). Philippa shares her insights and expertise on her books areas of focus from digital governance, safeguarding, developing a digital pedagogy, and how the changing world, current pandemic, and lessons […]

A conversation with Katherine Prince, Vice President, Strategic Foresight KnowledgeWorks

Katherine will share about KnowledgeWorks’ efforts to spark new thinking about ways to prepare students for an uncertain future — and what that future might hold.  Katherine will describe KnowledgeWorks, speak to the organization’s future-oriented research into various focus areas tied to education, and describe some of the patterns of change and learnings she and […]

A conversation with Tom Adamick Project Manager at University of New Hampshire

Tom shares his learnings and the power of professional learning networks, relationship building in a work setting and moving between education, corporate, international, and domestic work experiences. Tom has been a classroom teacher, a database trainer, professional learning specialist, and developer of strategic learning initiatives for Apple. He’s lived and worked in international schools in […]

A conversation with Ewan McIntosh – Founder & CEO, NoTosh

Ewan shares his own reflections about the work he has facilitated with companies, nonprofits and school around the world, and how with the last 18 months experience of the pandemic organisations are reimagining the way they work, learn and collaborate, and what might be some approaches, disposition and strategies to engage with the creative tensions […]

A conversation with Derek Luebbe, CEO – Jetlag Learning

Derek worked in leadership roles in various international schools and then left to form an EdTech startup. We talk about Derek’s company ‘Jetlag learning’ and discuss what it takes to build an EdTech company.   John Mikton on Social Media LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jmikton/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jmikton Web: beyonddigital.org   Dan Taylor on social media: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dantcz/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/DanTaylorAE Web: www.appsevents.com   Listen on: iTunes / Podbean / Stitcher / Spotify / YouTube […]

A conversation with Tricia Friedman (Creative Lexical Extraordinaire ) & Jeff Utech (Big Dreamer & Founder)

Tricia and Jeff share their journey from working in International Schools and then becoming consultants involved in founding, and running of  Learning2, COETAIL, Edurolearning and Allyed.org (now Shifting Schools https://www.shiftingschools.com/). Exploring the opportunities with the changing landscape of professional development, how to engage in the learning in schools with diversity, equity and inclusion. Hosting their […]