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Security awareness training solution built exclusively for schools

CyberNut is the first security awareness training solution built exclusively for K-12 schools. We offer quick, gamified training to combat phishing and AI scams for teachers, staff, and students. It’s easy to set up, priced for K-12, and fosters a culture of cyber security safety in schools. 

By combining advanced technology with a keen focus on user experience, CyberNut stands out as an essential tool for empowering school staff and students against cyber threats. Below are key highlights of the value that CyberNut provides:

Specialized Cybersecurity Training: Unlike every other cybersecurity training vendor, CyberNut is the only training provider tailored 100% exclusively for the K-12 educational environment.

Efficient and Engaging Methodology: Leverages advanced automation, gamification, and AI for a personalized learning experience for every staff, teacher, and student.

Quick and User-Friendly: Training sessions are completed in less than 30 seconds, there are no lengthy & time consuming videos/tests which upset teachers unions and require users to block time on their busy schedules.

Phishing Threat Education: Equips users with the skills to identify and report phishing attacks effectively, directly through their email inbox.

Developed with Expert Input: Refined continuously with feedback from K-12 technology advisors, ensuring high relevance and effectiveness.

Cost-Effective: Affordably priced, making it accessible for school districts across the US and international schools.

Student training: CyberNut is the first to provide a highly specialized phishing and cybersecurity training solution designed also for K-12 students. It combines elements of digital citizenship with media literacy.

Over 50+ school districts and internationals school’s have been using CyberNut to train their teachers, faculty, staff, and students. 


Results with CyberNut

CyberNut is the easiest and painless security awareness training solution

Before Deploying CyberNut


of faculty & staff fail a phishing test

After 60 days of Deploying CyberNut


of faculty & staff fail a phishing test


of faculty and staff are correctly following phishing reporting procedures


of faculty and staff are correctly
following phishing reporting procedures

What makes CyberNut's Security Awareness Platform different?