Lebanon NH Trainer Bootcamp


August 13 & 14, 2019 (Tue & Wed)


Lebanon School District
20 Seminary Hill Road, Lebanon, NH 03784

Check out the main event website at https://nh-lebanon.appsevents.com/.

Continue your Google Certification journey

Aligned with Google’s Online Training, the goal is to help participants build upon existing knowledge and abilities to create and deliver effective professional development as a Google Certified Trainer.

GCT Applicants are already teachers and/or experience in education. The GCT Bootcamp will help applicants channel skills to lead, engage, motivate, and teach others the application of G Suite tools to transform the way they teach.

The Google Certified Trainer Bootcamp will help individuals target the skills needed to successfully apply to the Google Certified Trainer Program. As a result, participants will also develop confidence as a G Suite Specialist to make and deliver training either within or outside one’s organization.

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