Google Admin Remote Support

Comprehensive administrator support for Google Workspace for Education at your school.

This service empowers your school’s tech team with access to every team member at AppsEvents.

Charlie Love and Peter Horner will manage the ongoing support. Charlie and Peter are both highly respected Google Admin experts who work on ongoing projects directly for the Google for Education team.

Details of the support

Monthly Meet calls

  • AppsEvents will hold 2 x Meet calls per month of up to 2 hours each. We will schedule recurring time slots in the calendar, but they can be modified each month depending on the availability of your team, via a Calendly link.
  • These calls can be used for any reason related to Workspace Admin, including solving issues, reviewing settings and performing training.
  • There will be a shared doc where your team adds any questions or issues. We will review these before the call.
  • Our initial suggestion for the call format is:
    • The first call of the month will be a review of new features +  a general Q&A
    • The second call of the month will be a deeper dive into one admin area. We can propose a schedule of topics, starting with covering all the areas of the security health check at a high level
    • The content of the support hours can be modified each month, for example, if there is an urgent admin issue to resolve, or new Workspace functionality to implement
  • On the calls we can work on our test system or your live system depending on the topic (or a combination)
  • Each call will be recorded and shared so you can refer back to it
  • You can have one person or several members of your team on the call
  • Initial topics we would propose covering:
    • Adoption and storage
    • Console Structure
    • Admins
    • Identity and Authentication
    • 3rd Party Integrations
    • Workspace and Additional Services
    • Devices*
    • Reporting and Investigations
    • Compliance
    • Complete GAM support
    • Storage management
    • BigQuery data export for Education Plus
    • Chromebook remote management
    • Maintaining all security policies and ensuring the latest measures are correctly implemented.
  • Additional hours required for advanced tasks
  • NOTE: Unused hours in any particular month do not carry over to the next month.

Private Chat Support Space

  • In addition to the calls we will create a private Chat support space for your school’s admin team, staffed by the AppsEvents team. Any questions or issues can be posted in the space.
  • Workspace performance issues, for example relating to Google Workspace apps being down/not accessible, will first be logged by your team with Google for Education support. AppsEvents will assist via our Google contacts if you do not get a satisfactory response quickly.