Google Admin Remote Support and Training

Ongoing Google Workspace Admin support and guidance

Differentiating from Google’s basic support, AppsEvents provides access to EDU-focused admin and educator specialists who provide proactive assistance. This service empowers your institution with access to every team at AppsEvents, including consultancy, migration, provisioning, and training. 

Our team is made up of deployment specialists, certified administrators, trainers, and innovators.

Moving beyond just a how-to, the service is designed to consider a school’s environment and the development of relevant policies alongside adjusting settings in the admin console.

The service can be extended to providing complete remote support for the domain, including creating users, managing shared drives, and continuous monitoring of security settings.

Details of the support

  • Focused support on any technical aspect of Google Workspace: Security, admin, or analytics. It includes helping you with Data Studio reports from Big Query, plus integrations with other systems
  • You will be given access to a private Google Chat Space to submit requests
  • You will be given access to a private appointment link to book a Meet at a time that works for you 
  • On-demand admin training
  • As a Google Partner, we have direct access to the Google development teams for issue escalations
  • On the calls, we can demo on our test system or you can screen-share and we can resolve issues on your live domain (or a combination)
  • Each call will be recorded and shared so you can refer back to it
  • You can have one person or several members of your team on the call Including, but not restricted to, management of:
    • Groups 
    • OU 
    • User 
    • Security 
    • Drive 
    • Shared Drives
    • Calendars
    • Full GAM support
    • Storage management
    • BigQuery data export for Education Plus
    • Chromebook remote management
    • Regularly maintain all security policies and ensuring the latest measures are correctly implemented