Google Admin Remote Support and Training

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This ongoing service supports IT Directors to get the most out of their teams. It empowers the school tech team with access to technical team members at Appsevents. It ensures that the school admin team operates consistently at a high level and provides continuity for staff changes and other unforeseen factors.

Charlie Love and Peter Horner will manage the ongoing support. Charlie and Peter are both highly respected Google Admin experts with decades of experience managing large Google installations. Both work on ongoing technical projects directly for the Google for Education team with Appsevents.

Annual Security audit

  • The service begins with a comprehensive security audit of your Google Admin Console as part of your service (with a regular value of $6,000!) The audit takes a week to complete, and you can find more information here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16xteTTk_vUaqmje4P1VcIdGIKr-hjoUZVVt6RA3PG_w/view
  • We repeat the audit annually as part of this service

Meet calls every two weeks

Appsevents will hold two Meet calls monthly with your admins of up to 2 hours each. (we are flexible on this if there are urgent matters to discuss). We will schedule recurring time slots, but they can be modified monthly, depending on your team’s availability.

A typical call format is

  • The first call of the month will be a review of new features +  a general Q&A
  • The second call will be a deeper dive into one admin area. We agree on a suggested schedule of topics, starting with the areas highlighted in the security audit.

The content of the support hours can be modified each month, even at the last minute, for example, if there is an urgent admin issue to resolve or new Workspace functionality to implement

Private Chat Support Space

In addition to the calls, we will create a private Chat support space for the school’s admin team. You can post questions, issues, or items for discussion in the ‘space’ with a same-day response.

Whenever necessary, we can jump from the chat to a Meet call.

Google Fully Remote Admin

We also offer a separate higher-level service. Our ‘Google Remote Admin’ is a complete admin service where Appsevents Engineers will be your trusted Google Workspace Administrators and run a fully managed domain service. Appsevents will action the following at any time during the year:

  • Complete management of users (creation/update/deletion)
  • License management 
  • Security updates and analysis
  • Groups management 
  • Chromebook licenses
  • Email security settings
  • Whitelisting
  • Vault (Gmail and drive retention policies)
  • Single point of contact for P1 and P2 incidents, perform domain impact assessments, coordinate and carry out suitable resolution involving key technical teams, including Google support.
  • Appsevents would provide problem-resolution reports for leadership as required.
  • Staff onboarding and offboarding process
  • Escalate support issues to Google Support, follow up, and resolve them promptly.
  • Apsevents will action anything not listed above that can be actioned in the Admin console.

Comparison of Services



Comprehensive Security Audit




– Review of Workspace adoption and effectiveness

– Recommendations for deeper utilization.

– Implement changes and schedule reviews


Private Chat Support & Guidance Space

– For all your tech team

– Can ask any question.

– 2 hour response time

– Can jump on same day Meet video chat

– Guidance on Security Threat Detection/Remediation


Meet Calls

Twice a month


– Help implement security audit findings

– Custom ongoing admin training plan

– Can use calls for custom training

– Can modify the content each month

– Can use calls for solving urgent issues

– Regular reviews of new features


Appsevents will be your super admin. Including:

– ChromeOS device management

– Active Security Threat Detection and Remediation

– User Lifecycle Management

– Security updates and analysis

– Groups management

– Chromebook license management

– Email security settings

– Whitelisting domains

– Vault (Gmail and drive retention policies)

– Single point of contact for P1 and P2 incidents

– Provide problem-resolution reports for leadership

– Staff onboarding and offboarding process

– Escalate support issues to Google Support

– Monthly Reporting to school Tech Director or leadership

– Unlimited Remote Support


Membership for all your tech team

Discount on Education Plus licenses




Appsevents Workspace Engineers' experience

The Appsevents Workspace Engineers hold:

  • Google Certified ChromeOS Administrator
  • Google Professional Collaboration Engineer
  • Google Certified Administrator
  • Google Workspace Deployment Services credential
  • Chrome Enterprise Deployment credential
  • Google for Education Deployment credential
  • Google Innovator
  • Google Certified Trainer
  • Google Certified Coach