Google Certification Bootcamps

AppsEvents is a designated Google for Education PD Partner with an Education Specialization. We have led thousands of educators through our certification-preparation courses.

Schools can opt for a single rate to host an AppsEvents Bootcamp for district staff only or a per person rate to host externally (public event with outside registration). When schools opt to host a smaller number of their own staff and open the event up to the public, AppsEvents would create this as a public event and promote and handle all customer registrations and communications for outside delegates. For either option, the first step is to inquire with your local AppsEvents director to schedule an initial meeting to develop a custom proposal.

Certification Bootcamps with AppsEvents are uniquely designed to prepare you to take the Google Level 1 and Level 2 Certification exam. Each session includes instruction, workshop time, and activities that inspire confidence in both the application and the ability to pass the exam.

Explore the core areas of Google Workspace for Education to increase professional learning and leadership; efficiency in the classroom; and student learning and creativity. We’ll explore all the tools in Google’s Level 1 curriculum, all of which are taught within the context of meaningful use with students and teachers. Segments include the Chrome browser, search techniques, and Google Classroom… as well as Google Drive, Docs, Slides, Spreadsheets, Forms, Calendar, Sites, and Groups. Gmail, Meet, and YouTube are also included. In addition to the tools, participants are exposed to critical student skill sets necessary for learning in an online environment.

This is 9-hours of professional development. Registration includes a voucher for the Level 1 exam.

Google’s Certified Educator Level 2 focuses on meaningful and creative ways to integrate the 4Cs in the classroom. Level 2 teaches the advanced features of Google Workspace for Education including HyperDocs using Google Docs, Maps and MyMaps for geo-instruction and virtual field trips; digital portfolios with Google Sites; and using screencasting techniques for developing learning libraries in YouTube and more. Level 2 is the perfect place for teachers who are ready to try something new and engaging in their classrooms all while preparing them for Google’s Certified Educator Level 2 exam.

This is 9-hours of professional development. Registration includes a voucher for the Level 2 exam.

What’s my next step?

To request to host a bootcamp for your school or dsitrict, fill out our request form or contact the director in your region.